A white paper is . . . 

Outpatient Surgery

 . . . an in-depth report meant to give readers a more informed perspective on a given subject. Because I've done so much research and storytelling for clients, I'm able to create white papers that are both informative and readable.

One example is the series of four white papers I produced for a hospital client on the crisis in American healthcare. These reports range in length from 12 to 28 pages. For data I was privileged to interview industry leaders and government health officials and to receive background material covering all sides of the story. I also drew on my own 30 years of experience working with dozens of healthcare organizations.

In the environmental sector, I analyzed a three-volume environmental impact report on a plan by the Walt Disney Corporation to build a "destination resort" at Independence Lake in the High Sierra. Because Independence is one of the last large lakes in the American West to remain pristine, the Associated Press and newspaper editors around Northern California serialized my five white papers, and Disney cancelled the project. I claim no credit other than to have given decision makers and influencers an in-depth (but digestible) look at the plan's anticipated impact.

Sometimes I work with subject-matter experts. For example, I have co-authored white papers . . . 

 . . . for a group of surgeons on the benefits of outpatient surgery.

 . . . for academic clients on course management software.

 . . . for a government client on virtual collaboration software.

If you have a complex topic that needs explanation, and an audience with little patience but a need to know, I can offer you all the elements of an effective white paper:

  • Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Clear Writing

If your audience would benefit from a white paper on some topic, contact me and let's talk about it.