Point of View (Yours/Mine)

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Some thoughts you just have to get down on paper:

  • A key message . . . 

  • A bright idea . . . 

  • A clarification . . . 

  • A bone to pick . . . 

  • A memory worth preserving . . . 

No time like the present—get it done now and get it done right.

Your Point of View

Clients often ask me to work one on one with them to think through a topic or "tweak" (their word) an existing draft. These confidential collaborations result in speeches, memos, reports, articles, letters, even blog entries.

Sometimes we work face to face, but usually we connect by phone, email, and Zoom. I take notes on our conversations, write a draft, send it to you for review, then we talk about changes that I incorporate.

On Zoom, we sometimes edit a document together. When I make a change, you see it immediately and vice versa. You can even reach through your computer to mine to make changes yourself. I've spent upwards of eight hours at a stretch this way with an energized client. Seeing the final draft is rewarding, and, for busy people with other work to do, this process gets the job off their desk.

Whenever you think two heads might be better than one, contact me.

My Point of View

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