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You shouldn't choose your organization's brand; it should choose you, based on the combination of your history, situation, relationships, competition, plans—all the elements that make up your organization's identity. Even if you're just starting out, these elements exist, just in nascent form.

Sure, you could pick a brand off the shelf and adopt it because you like how it looks and feels, but if it isn't true to who you really are, your audience will just be confused, and you will have spent a lot of money on communications for mixed returns.

Being the best doesn't mean anything. You have to differentiate.That doesn't mean your communications team won't articulate your brand identity. It just means they shouldn't start too soon. Instead, start with brand clarification. When I undertake this process for clients, here's how we do it:


We gather everything there is to know about your organization, especially:

  • How your organization thinks and speaks about itself
  • How others think and speak about your organization
  • How the competition thinks and speaks about itself
  • How your organization compares
  • What's happening in your industry and your market
  • How these forces impact your organization


We study the totality and the details from every angle.


We organize and articulate what we've discovered. Your brand should emerge naturally from the story this report tells.

This is brand clarification. This is how to achieve the consistent, powerful message you want to convey. This is how to make the most of your investment in communications.

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