A Selected Dozen

"Wow Gail, we've spent the last couple of days hearing feedback from a number of groups on the case and we heard words like ‘masterful,’ ‘soaring,’ and a lot of wondering about how someone who spent just 36 hours in Grand Marais captured the vision so powerfully."

Tom Morse, Director of Development
North House Folk School, Grand Marais, MN

"A heartfelt 'Thank you' for the amazing work you did to create the WesternU Prospectus! Wonderful….inspirational…. extraordinary…."

Robin Farias-Eisner, MD, PhD, MBA, President
Western University of Health Sciences

"I would say this (annual appeal letter) qualifies for another home run! Great job….Love working with you."

Karen Callahan, Senior Consultant & Principal Leader
Schools Practice, Marts & Lundy

"Through the years I have seen you do amazing work—creative, innovative, accurate, and always with an understanding and identification with us and our aspirations. In this challenge, you exceeded all anyone could hope or expect! Start to finish, you have been superlative, Gail!"

Jack C. Bailey, FACHE
Executive Vice President and Administrator
California Pacific Medical Center

"You nailed it. This is excellent, blending possibility with reality, without hyperbole. There are key phrases and similes.... It plays to the wide range of audiences with an interest or potential interest in the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Great job."

Michael F. Sinkus
Of Counsel, Marts & Lundy

""Can I just say WOW! Incredible article and great photos . . . It's been a real pleasure."

Melinda Gutierrez
Reconstructive Surgery Patient
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"Thank you so much for your generous heart and for your absolutely essential skill and knowledge on the case statement for the Tibetan refugee camp. It's been a total pleasure working with you."

Kathleen Gorman
Campaign Director
YTDR Foundation, Manpat Tibetan Refugee Settlement Project

"My heavens, such good work. May I just say again how lovely it is to work with you?"

Sarah Cave, former Consultant, Marts & Lundy
Now Director of Development, Southeast: Wake Forest University

"Thanks again for your amazing work!!!!"

Benjamin Pastor
Chief Advancement Officer, The Branson School

"You’ve certainly done an amazing job….It would be extra great if we could collaborate again."

Martha H. Voegeli
Senior Consultant & Principal Marts & Lundy

"Terrific. Detailed and thorough. You’ve set them up for success now and taught them how to do this in the future. Thank you!!"

Ned Smith, Head of School
Episcopal High School of Houston

"Your rock star status continues! Nice work, Gail."

Ronald J. Arena, Of Counsel
Former Senior Consultant & Principal Leader, Strategic Communications Group
Marts & Lundy

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