A briefing . . . 

Cover: Wildfire Risk to Cities report

 . . . explains an issue, identifies its implications, and often recommends action steps. In times of crisis or great change, there is no better way to prepare board members, employees, donors, and other stakeholders for those times when someone on the outside asks: “What do you know about X?”

  • For a major medical center, I produced a series of four briefings on the crisis in American healthcare.
  • For the communities of California’s High Sierra, I analyzed the impact of the Walt Disney Corporation’s plan to build a "destination resort" at Independence Lake, one of the last pristine large lakes in the U.S. The Associated Press serialized my five briefings, and Disney cancelled the project. I claim no credit other than to have spread the word about the potential consequences.
  • For a renowned group of surgeons, I co-authored a briefing on the benefits of outpatient surgery over hospitalization.
  • For a nation in alarm, I summarized the threat of wildfires not just to the wilderness but to America’s cities.

If you have a complex topic that needs explaining, and an audience with a need to know, I can offer you all the elements of an effective briefing:

  • Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Clear Language

If your audience would benefit from a briefing on a hot topic affecting your organization (and its stakeholders), contact me and let's talk about it.