Hoover the rescued cat. San Francisco SPCA.Storytelling

Often a good story will convey your message better than a thousand words of explanation.

I have written so many stories for organizations that I've lost count. Some of these stories are 100 pages long, some are just a single paragraph but they all seek to evoke positive emotions and inclinations in the reader.

  • The book of patient profiles for a community hospital helped major donors and board members appreciate the value of their contribution. The book made the ideal thank-you gift for donors. Read some of these stories now: Brandon, Koo-Am Yoon, Donivan, Jorge, Lydia

  • Fundraising Magazine CoverThe magazine feature article I wrote about a newly merged medical center made the leadership proud and taught other merging organizations how to do it right. Here's the article . . . 

  • The biography I wrote about a retiring executive made a more fitting tribute to the man (and a more appreciated gift to his grandchildren) than just another wall plaque.

  • The patient stories for a group of plastic surgeons helped dispel the myth that their specialty is optional, even trivial. To these patients it was anything but. For example . . . 

  • The human-interest vignettes for the Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation in Los Angeles helped unravel the complexities of charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds and other estate planning vehicles. For example . . . 

More stories:

"Letting in the Light" (PDF - 10 Kb) for the Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada, Inc.

"Precious Cargo" (PDF - 21 Kb) for a new hospital elevator at 2340 Clay Street.

"Realizing Our Dreams" (PDF - 20 Kb) for California State University East Bay (formerly CSU Hayward).

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