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My approach to writing direct mail letters is simple . . . 

A direct mail letter should be easy on the brain.

Whether the subject tugs at your heartstrings, appeals to your reason, or both, a direct mail letter should make for easy reading. I'm not afraid of the one-sentence paragraph. Or the incomplete sentence. I try to write the way people think and speak. Your readers don't have to read your letters. My job is to make them want to.

A direct mail letter should be easy on the eye.

That means plenty of white space: generous margins, indented paragraph leads, space between paragraphs. It also means one or more carefully chosen words, phrases or whole sentences that are highlighted to catch the eye. I picture the busiest person I know (You know who you are.). She runs her eyes down one of my direct mail letters and, despite a million distractions, "gets it" — then takes out her checkbook and pen.

Excerpts from direct mail letters I have written for clients.

Adobe PDF Icon  Read a holiday letter: (Mills Peninsula Hospitals). [665KB]
Adobe PDF Icon  Read a "heartstrings" letter: (St. Vincent's School for Boys). [27KB]
Adobe PDF Icon  Read a more cerebral letter: (Association Fundraising Letter). [24KB]

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